Los Angeles, CA – Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film, “Wolf of Wall Street,” surprised everyone when it arrived in theaters. The film’s cast, the record-breaking use of the f word, and the amount of sex and drug use captured audiences across the world. One thing that everyone is still talking about from the Oscar nominated film is the use of Quaaludes and the scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill when they’ve taken one too many.

The drug, also known as Methaqualone, was introduced in 1951. It was created as  a depressant that helped treat insomnia and was also used as a sedative and muscle relaxer. The drug became recreational in the late 1960s and 1970s. People used it while at rock clubs or discos.

Most of the younger audience who saw “Wolf of Wall Street” didn’t know what Quaaludes were prior to seeing the film. After it came out, the younger demographic, along with the nostalgic older demographic, all wanted to get in on some Quaaludes.

Earlier this month, Frozen had beat “Wolf of Wall Street” for the top spot in the home video sales charts. In order to get the number one spot, Leonardo DiCaprio has invested millions of dollars to bring back a certain amount of Quaaludes that will be included with a purchase of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The DVDs will be released on Tuesday and the pre-order on Amazon has already broke the internet twice.