Los Angeles, CA – As healthy eating has become increasingly popular over the last few years, other species are beginning to catch onto the trend. Sharks around Manhattan Beach are now participating in popular diets such as veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free, and free range.

“It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” shark expert, Carl Watson told us. “I’ve been tracking sharks on Manhattan Beach for a few years now and this came out of nowhere.”

Watson noticed that the sharks were no longer viciously eating fish and other sea creatures, but were eating different plants and algae found in the ocean. The Seattle born scientist even went as far as dropping buckets of fish around the sharks to tempt them. However, the sharks barely acknowledged them and swam on to find some healthy seaweed, known as the kale of the ocean.

“It’s really interesting to see this behavior in different species than humans,” Watson started. “The sharks have an increase in energy and seem to be a lot more alert and active than ever before.”

Dolphins and other sea creatures have started to catch on and follow in the footsteps of the sharks in attempt to fit in with the sharks. “However, I think whales were doing it long before sharks. Before it was cool,” Watson said.