DSC00186Wichita Falls, TX – The Lone Star State has always been known for its very conservative ways of life. Besides the major cities like Austin and Houston, most of the state is full of right-wing men and women who stick to their beliefs. However, one of the residents has recently started thinking outside of his beliefs and is extremely confused about the whole situation.

Bo Fenton, a cattle driver who works just outside of the city, grew up going to church every Sunday and protesting different causes with his friends and family; like gay rights. However, it was after flipping channels and landing on a trailer for NBC’s The Voice last week the he became infatuated with judge Adam Levine.

“I always hated them queers growing up, in fact I still do,” Fenton told us. “But recently I found out about this guy Adam Levine and he is one good looking fellow.” Fenton went on to download the whole Maroon 5 discography and watch every episode of The Voice. “I had some vacation time saved up, so I took a few weeks off and spent every minute around Adam Levine.”

Fenton went on to tell us that his interest in Levine is totally heterosexual and he still “loves dem titties.”