Washington, D.C. – Barack Obama made an announcement yesterday introducing a new law that will be going into effect as soon as the fall. After traveling the country undercover and observing the way thousands of businesses work, the president noticed one major problem: everyone was yawning and falling asleep at work.

Obama returned to the White House where he then gathered his team to discuss possible options. At first, the idea of free coffee in every office was introduce, but quickly shot down. Obama then noticed Vice President Biden asleep in the meeting and got the idea of allowing nap time in any and every business across the country.

The entire panel instantly agreed on the proposition, the first time they have done that since, well ever. Over the next week at the White House, between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00, all staff members found a comfortable spot to rest their eyes. After walking up, everyone felt fully restored and ready to tackle the second half of the day. Michelle Obama’s bed head almost made them disregard their new plan, but she quickly fixed it and they carried.

As the fall approaches, the White House has teamed up with IKEA to give every office across the country beds, sleeping bags, and bean bag chairs. Employees will also be encouraged to bring in their favorite stuffed animal to keep them comfortable while napping.