Boston, MA – Every summer we hear horror stories of children left in cars on hot days. Most people don’t know that within moments of leaving someone behind in a car, the car can rise to unbearable temperatures. Although these deaths are on accident and are completely preventable, it is still a huge problem in this country. Now we have another related problem to worry about.

Sarah Rollins, a teacher who resides in Somerville with her husband, had the most joyous moment of her life last weekend as she gave birth to their first child. However, the joy was cut short as the baby was taken away from her and her husband. Child services came to their house and took their newborn away on the account of child neglect and abuse.

“My husband and I were in complete shock,” Rollins told us. “There we were one moment with this precious gift and the next moment she was gone. I just can’t believe we could be accused of something like this.”

The Rollins will be going to court next month to get their child back. The lawyer doesn’t think it’s an easy case to win, but has hope in their trial.

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