Washington, D.C. – Since her husband’s first term in the White House, Michelle Obama has also fought to help make this country better. She has focused on education and obesity over the last five years as she has traveled the country and made appearances on countless television programs to get her messages out there.

The Chicago native is a very well rounded woman. A graduate of Harvard Law School and an extremely fit woman, Obama definitely follows her own messages and always has. However, the First Lady took some time off from her obesity prevention and spent the day at McDonald’s. Seriously. The whole day.

“I have never seen anything like it before,” Randall Hickey told us. As the manager of the McDonald’s for the last 20 years, Hickey has seen a lot of crazy things, but nothing like this. “We ran out of chicken nuggets at one point. She just kept getting up and ordering more and more. At one point, she jumped over the counter and made herself a meal. It’s the First Lady; you’re not going to say anything.”

Obama finished off the last packet of sweet and sour sauce as the place closed down. She then left with the secret service, who weren’t allowed to have any food there all day.