OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA New York, NY – Legendary shortstop Derek Jeter is getting ready to end his last season playing baseball. The New York Yankee, who has has won five World Series and a World Series MVP, has decided at the age of 40 to retire from baseball. Jeter will be leaving the league on the team that made him the player he is today in the city that made him the person he is today.

As a bachelor in the Big Apple, the New Jersey native has tried to keep his personal life out of he media. However, Jeter got himself into some trouble a few years ago. After a breakup with actress Mink Kelly, Jeter started sleeping around with random women across the city. The next morning, he would send them home with a gift basket of autographed memorabilia. Jeter ended up sleeping with the same woman over the years and sent her home with the same basket, which made her open up to the public about his parting gifts.

As Jeter gets ready to retire his jersey at Yankee stadium, he has started putting gift baskets together for his teammates. The basket includes a book he wrote giving batting tips and catching tricks, numbers of previous one night stands, and bobble heads of himself.

“I thought this would be a good way to leave these guys I call my family,” Jeter told us. “Also, since the team is now screwed without me, I figured I would leave them with the same thing I left all the woman I screwed.”