Denver, CO – It was just another Tuesday night at one of the Burger Kings in Colorado’s capital. Some patrons waited in line to order, while others sat at the tables enjoying their burgers and fries. None of the patrons in the restaurant exchanged any words with one another; they just exchanged dirty, judgmental looks.

“Yeah, those other people in there were gross,” Jack Thompson told us. The lawyer was there on his lunch break and got his usual: a number seven with a Diet Coke. “I just think the people who come to eat here are disgusting. I mean, seriously, who comes to eat here?”

Harold Cranston, the manager of the Burger KingĀ told us he sees the same thing everyday. “I’ve been working here the past 15 years and everyday it’s the same thing. It’s actually become pretty fun for the crew here. We just watch everyone look at one another in disgust.”