Portland, OR – On his way home from work earlier this week, history teacher Paul Robertson’s car broke down a few miles from his apartment. After a long day teaching summer school, Robertson wanted noting more than to get home and relax, but his car had other plans for him. Robertson called AAA shortly after realizing there was not much he could do to fix his car.

After waiting over an hour for AAA to arrive, Robertson decided to take matters into his own hands. Breaking down not too far from a junk yard, he decided to go find parts and build a brand new car to drive home. Although he has never been much of a car guy, Robertson used a Youtube video to learn how to build a car from scratch.

“I know how to put gas in my car and change the windshield wipers,” Roberston told us. “That’s really it. But I got sick and tired of waiting for AAA to show up and i figured I could probably learn how to build a car before a representative showed up.”

Robertson drove home without a problem in his new car. He left his other car on the side of the road to be taken to a junkyard. “I figured that would be a way to allow someone else to do the same thing I did. Someone could use my car parts to build their own car before AAA even gets close to fixing their car. Pretty soon everyone will be able to build their own cars.”

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels