New York, NY – In a crazy turn of events, MTV accidentally broadcasted a music video yesterday afternoon. The channel, which stands for Music Television, first aired just over 33 years ago on August 1st, 1981. The basic cable network started as a channel that only displayed music videos, but over the past decade or so, MTV has made its way into reality television. The channel has become popular for such shows as “My Sweet 16,” “The Jersey Shore,” and “True Life.”

It’s been quite a while since the channel has shown any music videos or promoted musicians in any way. Since the change in programming, the network has lost a lot of its original, but have gained a whole new audience. The new demographic was completely thrown off yesterday as a music video was shown. During the middle of a rerun of “16  + Pregnant,” a music video for the new Katy Perry single aired. Fans of MTV took to Twitter to express their confusion and anger towards their beloved music playing anything else but reality television. One fan, known as @jbiebsrulez, tweeted “What is this?!? A video with a song being played as well. What to they call these.”

Philippe P. Dauman released a statement today to the fans of MTV. Dauman, who runs Viacom, a media conglomerate that owns MTV, went on to say, “Word can’t express how sorry we are for what happened. We let one of our interns have too much responsibility and we will never do that again. To make up for it, there will be a marathon of Teen Mom 2 everyday this week.”