Denver, CO – Matt Wallace, a graphic designer in Mile-High City, was sick and tired of all of the ladies’ nights that bars were having. He hated the fact that he had to pay to get in when the women didn’t have to and how women were offered discounted drinks. After joking with his friends that he was going to start dressing up like a woman he decided to take it seriously.

Wallace approached his neighbor, a make up artist, on Friday after work and asked if she would give him a makeover. Wallace had also been watching movies all week like Mrs. Doubtfire and Juwanna Man to try to learn how to dress up in drag successfully. As Friday night approached he put on an outfit he got at a local thrift store and got ready to meet his friends at the bar.

“It was crazy from the beginning,” Wallace told us. “The taxi driver charged a lot less than I’ve ever been charged. He also told me I looked really pretty that night.” When Wallace arrived at the bar, he joined his friends in line. They didn’t recognize him and all started vying for his attention. Wallace shortly dropped his voice and watched the faces of his friends drop.

After getting in the bar for free, Wallace made his way to get a drink and payed very little compared to what he normally did. Soon after he finished his first drink, he ended up getting free drinks the rest of the night from different patrons.

“With the amount of money I saved that night, I now plan on putting it all towards make up and outfits for tomorrow night,” Wallace started. “I’m going to keep this going as long as I can.”