Columbus, OH – Ronald Felton, a retired mechanic and World War II veteran, is in pretty great shape for his age; both mentally and physically. He lives at home with his wife, Ethel, and they regularly go down to the country club to play tennis, walk around the neighborhood, and plant flowers and vegetables in their backyard. However, none of Felton’s family knows how active he is.

“As I got older, I saw how all of my friends were losing their memory and their families just learned to live with it,” Felton told us. “So I studied my friends and took notes on everything to make it more believable when I decided to pretend. Now I don’t have to send any of my grandkids birthday money or presents; I just pretend I forget and they all accept it. It’s great. Ethel even joined in and now we have more money for Ethel and I. We’re actually going backpacking through Europe next month.”

Felton and his wife plan on telling his family that he and Ethel are going to a retirement home for a few months to see if they like it or not.