Saddle River, NJ – It was just another Sunday night for the O’Donnell family at their mansion in Bergen County. After they finished up dinner and cleaned up, they moved the furniture around to get ready for their weekly Koosh ball war. However, the night ended in tragedy as O’Donnell was hit on the head with a ball and has been in the hospital since then.

O’Donnell was famous for many different talents. A comedian, writer, and a beloved talk show host. On episodes of her talk show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, the Commack native would shoot Koosh balls into the audience. OddzOn Products Inc, the company who made the Koosh ball, ended up sending O’Donnell a lifetime supply of their product in 2002 when the talk show ended.

The doctors have said that O’Donnell will be able to go home later on this week. They advised her not to play with Koosh balls for a few months, however she doesn’t think that’s possible. “There’s no way that’s going to happen,” O’Donnell told us from her hospital bed. She then pull her hand out from under the blanket to reveal a Koosh ball in her hand.