Boston, MA – As the summer has come to an end, New Englanders look forward to fall festivities like pumpkin coffee, the changing of the leaves, and of course, the beloved Patriots. Quarterback Tom Brady looks forward to another successful year and has high hopes for his team. His wife, model Giselle Bündchen wasn’t on the same page, though. 

As fantasy football has just started as well, Bündchen has started her own team and looks forward to that season as well. Brady never knew his wife played until this past weekend, when he overheard her talking to a friend about her excitement over her team. As Bündchen took their two children out, Brady made his way onto his wife’s computer and checked out her starting lineup for the first game. 

Brady found himself benched for the first game, with New York Giant’s Eli Manning starting. Although Brady tried putting himself in to start, it was too late as the lineup had been locked in. When Giselle came home, her husband was sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop open. She instantly knew he had found out about her secret hobby and her betrayal. Brady told Giselle he had already called his lawyer and that he was writing up divorce papers for the couple.