Spirit Lake, IA – Last weekend, the internet blew up as nude photographs of celebrities like The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Kate Upton made their way around to many different websites. One site that most fans went to for the pictures was Reddit’s “The Fappening”

As more and more pictures made their way to the website, more and more men and women made their way down the page, scrolling with excitement. With the constant scrolling and fapping that went along with the activity, millions of people all over the world suffered carpel tunnel; a serious problem people who spend too much time on computers can get.

Although the photographs were a huge problem for the celebrities, their press teams and their friends and families, the carpel tunnel syndrome that so many horn dogs suffered from, ended up buying carpel tunnel products, making it the most purchased product all week. Stock went up for many different companies as well. “It was crazy how much are sales skyrocketed since those pictures went up,” Aurelia Koby, cofounder and president of IMAK told us. “We made more in the last week than the last six months combined.” Although The Fappening was just banned, Koby said she knows that there are plenty of other places people will be going to find the pictures and will suffer more carpel tunnel.