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Toddler Suffers Boo Boo in Wild Tricycle Crash


Cleveland, OH – After the first day of preschool, Johnny Freeman felt on top of the world. Not only he had colored in the lines all day, but he was also able to put the Capri Sun straw in his lunchtime drink all by himself.

After getting getting home, he told his mommy and daddy that he was ready to try out the new tricycle his parents bought him the week before for his birthday. As he headed out to his long and winding driveway, his parents had their cameras ready. Within a minute of cruising out of his garage down his driveway, he hit a pot of flowers.

He tipped over instantly, falling down and bursting into tears. He kept crying until his parents paid full attention to him. He then stopped crying and actually assessed the damage: a small cut on his inner left arm. His parents then brought him in to give him candy and a Spongebob Squarepants bandaid. That night, when he put his head against the pillow, he went over different ways he was going to tell his classmates about his intense boo boo.