Boston, MA – As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to change, New Englanders reignite their obsession with anything pumpkin-flavored. These treats include pumpkin beer, pumpkin pie, and most importantly pumpkin coffee and any other pumpkin-flavored items from Dunkin’ Donuts. People tend to obsess with this trend so much, that anti-pumpkin patrons can suffer some pretty intense consequences, including death.

It was just another Thursday at work for lawyer, Bill Thompkins. In-between meeting with clients, he made his way to Dunkin’ Donuts. After waiting in line for a while behind a bunch of pumpkin enthusiasts, the Colorado native made his way to the counter.

“He ordered a medium black coffee with a blueberry muffin,” Dunkin’ Donuts employee Cassandra Wallace started. “I asked him if there was anything else he wanted. I actually asked him this quite a few times. He just kept saying no. There was nothing else I could’ve done.”

As his coffee was poured and his muffin was bagged, the other patrons starred at the lawyer. One patron, drinking a pumpkin coffee and eating a pumpkin donut and muffin, pulled out a baseball bat and took Thompkins out at the knees. The other patrons all joined in, kicking him and hitting up with chairs from the rrestaurant Blood splattered the Government Center chain as the victim breathed his last few breaths.

After the tragedy, a cop a arrived to the scene, not because of the death, but to get some pumpkin-flavored items. According to Officer Ronald Farrings, there were no witnesses, so the case was closed then and there.