Woonsocket, RI – This past weekend was quite the rush for graphic designer, Kim Rollins. Although she went out drinking on Saturday with the usual friends and went to all the usual places, she did one thing that was completely out of the ordinary: she went to the bathroom without any of her girlfriends.

“I kept reading these inspirational quotes everywhere, I went,” the Florida native told us. “They all talk about how you should try something new everyday. Not only that, but you should try something that scares you as well.” After a good amount of appletinis on Saturday, Rollins got up and made her way to the bathroom. “It was really hard to not ask the girls to join, ya know? What was every weirder was that all of the other women in the bathroom stared at me in confusion.” Even though it was quite the battle, Rollins managed to go to the bathroom, wash her hands, and reapply her makeup all by herself. Although a patron in the bathroom with a group of her friends tried to offer assistance to Rollins, she politely declined. Upon finishing her tasks, Rollins made her way out of the bathroom to an applause from all of the women in groups. “I couldn’t believe how daring she was,” fellow patron, Denise Livingston told us.

When Rollins made her way back to her friends, they were worried sick about her. “You should’ve seen their faces,” Rollins told us. “Although they seemed surprised, they also seemed proud.” Although Rollins is proud of conquering a big fear, she doesn’t plan on doing it again anytime in the near future.