Los Angeles, CA – There’s no way that you haven’t heard of Chris Hardwick by now. The multi-talented Tennessee native has quite the resume as a stand-up comedian, musician, actor, screenwriter, podcaster, and most noticeably as a host for different television shows.

Hardwick’s abilities as a host goes back to the 90s, when he hosted ‘Singled Out,” one of the first dating reality shows shows. These days you can find him hosting ‘@midnight’ on Comedy Central , and he can also be found on AMC, where he hosts talk shows discussing different cult television programs. Some of these shows include ‘Breaking Bad’ and the ‘The Walking Dead.’ It almost seems like every time you turn on the television, Chris Hardwick is hosting a new show. And there’s now another on the way.

AMC has seen a lot of sucess with Hardwick over the last few years and have decided to give him another talk show. The basic cable network has announced they will be developing a new show called ‘Talking Hardwick,’ where Chris Hardwick will just all of the other shows he’s hosted with a panel of other comedians. We don’t know much else about the show except for the title and that it will be premiering sometime early in the next year.