Durham, NH – Charlie Lanston, a 2014 graduate of UNH, has decided to go back to the university for his MBA. While most people go back to school to defer entering the real world or to focus even more on a future career path, Lanston is going back for a different reason.

The Delaware native explored his sexuality while studying at UNH. A lot. After breaking up with his longtime girlfriend at the end of freshman year, he made up for lost time. Men, women, everyone was of Lanston’s interest when he went out partying. This left him many options. Whenever his friends questioned his sexuality, he told them it was college and that he was just experimenting. As senior year was coming to an end, Lanston wasn’t ready to choose one way or another, so he enrolled in the MBA program. “I’m not ready to say I’m gay or straight, so I’m going to take advantage of the whole ‘it’s not gay if you’re in college’ rule.”

Lanston said as much as he is interested in studying business more, he might want to become a doctor. “I figured, I would just go back and start over. This way, I’ll have plenty of time to keep experimenting.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay