New York, NY – It’s been a few months now since Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show. The Saturday Night Live alum has had a lot of success on the show so far and is really showing he can fill the shoes as a host of The Tonight Show. Between his Twitter challenges, musical parodies, and the fact that he can get just about anyone to do anything the show has really been put on the map and has really opened up to all demographics.

Fallon has had some incredible lineups of talent on his show, but it’s hard to tell who Fallon really loves and who he doesn’t as he says every show is going to be a great one. However, last night’s episode was very surprising to loyal viewers of Fallon’s talk show.

On Tuesday September 30 Fallon had Tyler Perry, Miles Teller, and musical guest Lucinda Williams on his show. As he told his 11:30 audience who would be joining him on stage that night he said, “Tonight’s Show Will Just Be Alright.”

The next day, Fallon received thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts asking him why he was so unenthusiastic about his lineup for the previous night. Fallon simply responded, “Miles Teller is pretty cool. I’m not too into Lucinda Williams, and Tyler Perry, come on. I really have to have him on my show again to tell us about his new movie that is exactly like all of his other movies.”