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Local Woman Only Celebrates Birthday for One Weekend


Storrs, CT – A few weekends ago, Candace Holland celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. The UCONN sophomore gathered her closest friends after classes on Friday and they headed to the Cheesecake Factory.

Later on that night, upon returning to campus, Holland brought her friends back to her sorority house to celebrate more. The place was decorated from floor to ceiling and one of the town’s bands came to play. The party went well into the night and The Fashion major was showered with all kinda of gifts.

On Saturday morning, Holland put on her Uggs and headed out to Starbucks to get some recovery items. The following night, she rented out a bar in town and continued her birthday celebration. And the crazy thing is, that’s where the celebration ended. All of Sunday, the Chicago native spent the afternoon relaxing and sobering up.

Unlike every other woman, Holland only spent one weekend celebrating her birthday. She didn’t keep on celebrating it every weekend until it was the birthday of another friend. The weekends since that one, Holland just went out like it was any other night.