New York, NY – When anyone thinks of Svedka vodka, they think of regretful nights, sexy robots, and the slogan: “The Vodka of 2033.” As popular as the Swedish-manufactured vodka is, Svedka is not the number one, worldwide selling vodka. Smirnoff and Absolut take the top two spots with Khelbny Dar, Green Mark, and Nerioff following. Robert Sandz, President and CEO of Constellation Brands, which owns Svedka, decided something needed to be done.

“We’ve been focusing on being the best vodka in the future, but I’ve realized that’s a mistake,” Sandz told us. “It’s just that 2033 is really far away and we want to start being on top right now.” Sandz said it’s tough to think of his favorite logo disappearing, but he just wants to focus on the present. “Also, I don’t even know if we’ll all still be here in 2033,” he added.

As the last quarter approaches, Sandz thinks they can start to turn things around and make Svedka the number one selling vodka of 2015. “We’re getting rid of our robots,” Sandz told us. “Not only are they too futuristic, but they confused a lot of men, sexually, and we want to end that.” Sandz went on to tell us he’s working on getting Miley Cyrus to be the new spokesperson. Unfortunately she also makes men very sexually confused as well.