Los Angeles, CA – Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, was released last week on October 27th. The singer-songwriter’s fifth LP was a huge hit from the moment it went live to the world. A week later, all of Swift’s music, including the new album, has been pulled from Spotify. The music streaming service for years now had been home to millions of so he that people can listen to all for free. However, the founder of Swift’s record label, Big Machine, pulled all of his client’s music from Spotify this morning, without even telling them.

Scott Borchetta thought this would be a goo decision for his label, because now people would have to buy the album, driving up actual sales for the label. The album is supposed to sell around 1 million copies in the first week, and Borchetta put dollar signs first over the fans.

Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, was shocked from this action and thought it would bring his traffic down since people wouldn’t be turning to his company to hear new Taylor Swift music or now even her older music. The effect was just the opposite.

Spotify has already gained 50,000 new followers. People are posting all over Facebook and Twitter that they have now joined Spotify, and that Taylor Swift being on there before was the only reason they hasn’t registered.

One person said “I wasn’t on Spotify before because I didn’t want to accidentally click on a song of her’s and put money in her pocket. Or even worse, have to hear one of her songs.” Another user wrote on Twitter, “Finely that bizych isn’t on Spotify. I ken sine up now and listin to Fiddy.”

Ek is overjoyed with the response and is already planning on banning Swift to put any of her music back on his company’s platform.