Charleston, MA – With so many cruel people in this world today, it’s always nice to see someone do something nice for another. A few years ago, the Pay-It-Forward campaign started at different places across the country.

Although the term goes back to the 1900s, today’s version is when someone orders something at a drive-thru, at places like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, and the order is paid for by the person in front of them. The goal is to have people keep paying for the people behind them, or at least do a good deed for someone else in the near future. Places have seen these acts of kindness carry on for quite a while. Of course, like everything else that tries to be good and beneficial, there’s someone to ruin it all.

At a Dunkin’ Donuts in Charleston yesterday, one man in the drive-thru caught on to the chain and decided to take advantage of it. Marcus Jacobs, a construction worker from New Jersey, ordered one of everything from the famous chain. He then refused to pay for the person behind him, breaking the chain, and putting the employees through quite a process to throw everything together. Everyone behind him in the drive-thru also had to wait.