Cincinnati, OH – It was Monday morning and Marketing Rep, Alan Laswell, had a pretty long weekend. He didn’t have enough time to make lunch for work that day, so he picked up a Hot Pocket on his way to the office. He knew he had nothing on his calendar, so he would be able to take care of his Hot Pocket after eating it. Plans changed, though.

After spending an hour in the break room eating his ham and cheese lunch, he was about to head straight for the restroom when his boss came in and told him there was a last minute meeting covering one of the new accounts. The Delaware native panicked. He knew this was going to be a long meeting and he wouldn’t have time to go to the bathroom first.

Laswell somehow made it the whole hour-long meeting. He went to the restroom immediately after, but he still managed to make it a whole hour without going to the bathroom after eating a Hot Pockets sandwich. After telling a few co-workers about his feat, word made it’s way around. Guinness Book of World Records visited Laswell at work and gave him a plaque.