Hollywood, CA – This past week has been quite the roller coaster ride for Sony Pictures and Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new movie, ‘The Interview.’ The new comedy, brought to you by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, was supposed to hit theaters on Christmas day and follows two Americans assassinating North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.  The film has now been cancelled from being shown in any theaters in American and could cost Sony $300 million in losses.

The movie is being pulled after North Korea sent a threat to America, telling them they would be bombing theaters who were willing to play ‘The Interview.’ After pulling the film from theaters, the film industry to decided to start showing ‘Team American: World Police’ in it’s place. The Matt Stone and Trey Parker film follows a counter-terrorism organization assassinating Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il. Paramount Pictures quickly shut down this idea, though, to try at all costs to avoid a hack that Sony suffered recently from North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has now taken complete control of Hollywood and has shut down any films currently in production and taken down every movie that is currently in theaters. In place of these movies, every movie theater in America will just be playing ‘The Notebook.’ We’re not sure how long this will go on for, but it seems like North Korea really has a heavy hold on the cinema in the United States. Kim Jong-un placed more threats on America and our film industry telling them more hacks and some terrorist attacks will happen unless his favorite film, ‘The Notebook’ is playing in every theater across the states.

Kim Jong-un went on to say, ‘The Notebook’ is my all time favorite movie. I watch it at least ten times a day. I even make some of my men act out the whole movie. I don’t see why Americans would ever watch another movie. That is why I am making it the only movie in theaters. Soon enough, I will make it the only thing on Redbox, Hulu Plus, and in all retail and video stores. It’s just the perfect love story.”