New York, NY – Last month, the newest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise hit stores. The fifth game in the series was released for Playstation and XBox One and was a huge hit, so much that Rockstar has announced a new downloadable expansion pack that will be released on the mentioned consoles on Christmas Day.

The expansion pack, titled “Sweet Lovin’ in the Backseat,” will feature unlimited prostitute interactions. There will be no challenges or any of the usual gameplay, it will literally just be the character sleeping with as many hookers as possible.

“We think this is going to be a great treat for out fans,” Sam Houser told us. The president of Rockstar games, which publishes the franchise, went on to say, “Studies show that nobody really plays the game, they just sleep with as many prostitutes as they can find. Now the players can do just this and only this”

Rockstar made enough money off of Grand Theft Auto V already that they were able to put this game together, something that Rockstar has had in mind for a while now. “If we get enough downloads off of this one,” Houser started. “Then we’ll be able to create another expansion pack where you just steal motorcycles and ride it off of cliffs.” According to Houser, this is the second most played thing in the franchise.