Foxborough, MA – Only minutes after winning an extremely close postseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, Bill Belichick opened up and admitted something in a press interview that nobody would’ve believed and probably still don’t. The coach has a reputation for never smiling, not even after one the New England Patriots three Super Bowl wins within four years. However, after pulling off an incredible win only hours ago to move onto the AFC Championship, the Patriots coach revealed a big secret.

“It was a tough game,” Belichick started. “The Ravens played incredibly well, and we were slacking here and there, but there were some incredible plays coming from the team that made me proud of my team.” The Nashville native was so excited that he left the interview with a send off that nobody saw coming.

The last question Belichick was asked before he headed to the locker room was about what he would be doing to celebrate the big win. “I’m going to go home and have a big tickle fight with my girlfriend. I’ll admit it, I’m extremely ticklish” he responded. As everyone in the audience gasped, Belichick stood up winked and smiled at the camera and skipped off to the locker room.