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‘The Real World’ Picks Peterborough, NH as Next Destination


New York, NY – ‘The Real World,’ a reality television show that follows the lives of complete strangers living under the same roof, first came to television in 1992. The first season took place in New York City, where MTV’s headquarters is located, and since it’s premiere, it has become the longest-running reality show in all of MTV’s history and one of the longest in the history of television. About to head onto it’s 30th season, the show has been filmed in many different major cities, but MTV has started to run out of popular places to film. This destination for the monumental 30th season will be taking place in Peterborough, NH.

Peterborough, a small town located about 90 miles north of Boston, is quite the interesting choice for  the new season of ‘The Real World.’ The town, though small and surrounded by nothing, has gotten quite the rep over the last few decades. The town is always voted one of the top ten small towns to live in, has a very famous theater production company, and hosts artists from all over the world at the McDowell Arts Colony. However, the town is still a strange pick for a season of ‘The Real World.’

MTV had originally announced that Chicago would be home to the 30th season, but the Windy City shut down the idea as the city will be undergoing a lot construction over this year. As one of the producers was traveling around New England, he ran out of gas in Peterborough and had to have someone help him. A bunch of the residents rallied to help the producer out and he recommended Peterborough for the following season, as he just enjoyed so much about it.

The town only keeps it’s few bars open until about 10:00pm and the town is full of old people who like peace and quiet, so it might be tough for the cast to get have fun and get away with things, but that could make things more entertaining.

The show will start filming next month and will premiere on MTV in the early summer. If the show is successful, it could bring a lot of tourists and business to the town of Peterborough and can open doors for the future of ‘The Real World.’