Irvine, CA – When you’re in college, there’s only one food you stick to outside of what’s in the cafeteria. Ramen noodles can be found in every single room on college campuses across the country. The noodles are easy to make, they’re edible, and most of all, they are extremely cheap. College students really need to focus on spending their money on alcohol and condoms, so buying ramen noodles in bulk are the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students.

Maruchan, America’s top selling ramen noodle company, have observed their success on college campuses over the last few years and have made millions and millions of dollars from their product. To give thanks to college students, Maruchan has put together a competition for this spring semester.

The ramen noodle company has their United States headquarters in Irvine, CA, and this is where the idea came from. Doug Harvard, the Sales Coordinator Manager at the plant, came up with the idea recently. “I have two kids in college and they always tell me how much of our noodles they see everywhere. I think this is a really great way for us to market our product, but more, I think it’s a great way to thank college students for all they have done for us.”

The competition starts towards the end of January, when all college students will have returned to campus, and the competition will end on May 15th. Winners who have more semesters left will win scholarships, while those who just graduated, will have some of their loans paid off. There top three students who buy the most of Maruchan’s noodles, will be declared winners and receive prizes of $100,000; $75,000; and $50,000 towards their education.