New York, NY – This following weekend is a huge weekend for sports fans, especially those rooting for the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks. However, dog enthusiasts are getting ready for a different kind of Super Bowl: The Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is a two hour event every year that is filmed in New York City in a miniature football stadium. The event is for puppies of all kinds and the event is live broadcasted.

This year, we’ll be seeing a lot of returning champs, like Scruffy Peterson, Scout Williamson, and Rover Jackson, the 2014 MVP. The event will also include new players, like now rivals Teddy Thompkins and TJ Demarcus, who both went to potty training school together. As excited as we are for this adorable game, just like every other sport, there’s scandal.

The Puppy Bowl commissioner received a tip that Teddy Thompkins, quarterback for the Bonethugs, has been taking supplements of performance enhancing drugs, including puppy steroids. Apparently, Thompkin’s owner/coach has been fueling his two month golden retriever with anything and everything it takes to take home the golden bone at the 2015 Puppy Bowl.

We’re not sure if the tip is true or not, but the situation is being dug into more before the big game.