The Office


I’m a huge fan of The Office. I only really watch the American version, though. This is quite the surprise, as everything else Ricky Gervais touches, I am obsessed with. The American version just has such a great cast. I’m on my third time watching it right now, and every time I watch it, I have a new favorite character. This time, it’s Phyllis. My favorite quote of her’s is from the episode where Dwight wants to find a new office. Phyllis tells him she likes the building they’re in now, because her husband works there and it keeps her honest. The slutty ways of that woman is great. Now let’s get to the things I dislike about the television show.

What the show represents is how hard it is to find a job in this economy. The show follows the characters for almost a decade at a company they despise. The boss, Michael Scott, is extremely sexist, racist, and offensive in every way possible. He has no filter and constantly harasses his employees. Everyone would love to find a job somewhere else, but they can’t. It probably took them long enough to find this job, just to find out how offensive the boss it. I’m sure the characters, off camera, are constantly applying for other jobs, but can’t get them and are stuck working for Michael Scott.

I always feel bad for Dwight on the show, however, he has extreme Asperger’s syndrome. Jim, though he may not look or seem it, is a complete bully. Maybe he got picked on in high school and is now getting his revenge. For years, all he does is make fun of Dwight. He hides his supplies in Jello, tries to get him fired, and constantly makes him the laughing stock of the company. Pam joins in on all of this as well. She flirts with Jim by helping him make fun of Dwight. They should be embracing his disorder.