DSCF3046Boston, MA – Over the last month, Boston and it’s surrounding areas have been completely covered in snow. Just as residents think it will start to melt away, they are hit with another storm. Residents haven’t been able to travel to work as the public transportation has shut down, schools have been closed down, people are trapped in their houses, and the whole area has just become a mess. With not a lot of sun and clear weather over the next few weeks, Mayor Marty Walsh knew something had to be done.

The democrat tried a few different solutions, but nothing was working out. It was after watching a news piece on a carnival in Los Angeles that he got an idea. “I don’t even know why I was watching the news segment,” Walsh told us. “It was just making me more upset because of how much sun and warm weather they were having over there. I saw a little kid in the background of a shot eating a snow cone and came up with the idea.

Walsh called up Hawaiian Shaved Ice, a leading company of shaved ice products. “I called their headquarters down in North Carolina,” Walsh recalled. “Even they had some cold down there, but they had seen how bad we were getting hit by the storm. The CEO was on board with the idea immediately and has shipped up over 100,000 bottles of dye. We’re getting so many great flavors, like cherry, lemon-lime, watermelon, banana, and raspberry.

Walsh plans on having helicopters drop the liquid over the city on Friday and he strongly believes the residents will be more than up for the challenge.