Heaven – Jesus H. Christ, our lord and savior, makes His return to the land He saved every Easter. While visiting the land and people He sacrificed Himself for, He usually does a lot of the same things. Christ visits Bethlahem, his old stomping ground. Disney World to check out the new attractions, and Dennys, for their Grand Slam menu item. This year, Christ plans to visit these places along with one addition: Kanye West’s house.

West has always been know for his controversial ways. Whether it’s interrupting artists as they accept their awards, or saying something in an interview to stir talk, West knows that bad publicity is good publicity and he takes full advantage of it. West’s last album, ‘Yeezus,’ was the Chicago natives idea of telling people he is in fact Jesus. The producer-performer even went as far as acting out the crucifixation on state. West has now taken it further, when he announced his new album would be titled, ‘So Help Me God.’

Christ said this was the last straw and it was time to pay West a visit and put him in his place. “It’s one thing to pretend you’re me,” Christ started. “However, you don’t bring my father into this.” Christ said he plans on being civil with West and will not use any of his powers against the artist. “I just feel like I need to tell him my story and make sure he knows he is nothing like me,” Christ stated.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay