Tallahassee, FL – The best time of the year is finally here. For months, people wait anxiously for Girl Scouts to hit the stores, selling their addicting treats. It seems it’s hard to go anywhere now without seeing the badge-warriors, but it’s not a bad thing. The cookies are also now available online and you can even find them in some of Bryer’s ice cream. It’s never been easier to get a hold of their products. However, for one man, it is almost impossible to get a hold of these cookies.

Roy Duncan, a fry cook in the capital of Florida, is having a very tough time trying to find Girl Scout cookies. This could be because Duncan is a sex offender. The Pennsylvania native was found guilt back in 2010 for trying to have sexual interactions with minors. This has lead to Duncan not being allowed within 100 feet of a school, a Chuck E. Cheese, or a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

Ever since Duncan was found guilty for his sickening crime, his friends and family have distanced themselves. This has made it hard for Duncan to have anyone help him get the cookies. He has been too afraid to Google how he can get them online, but he did make one big mistake.”It was stupid” Duncan told us. “I saw some kid on the street and asked him to go buy me some. The parents came outside, but I managed to get away in time.” Duncan tells us he plans on continuing his quest to find a way to get Girl Scout cookies without getting arrested.