Los Angeles, CA – News broke today that one of America’s favorite television shows has been cancelled. ‘American Idol,’ a reality-television show that takes artists off of bar stages and onto sold-out stages around the world, has been one of Fox’s most successful shows. The show has been on the air for over a decade and has skyrocketed careers for people like Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Clarkson. While the cancellation of the show is extremely upsetting to fans all over the country, the cancellation is even more upsetting for struggling musicians.

At the start of every season,┬áthousands of people show up to every city’s audition to try to become a start. To many of these musicians, ‘American Idol’ is their only way to make it. They belt out the vocals to their favorite covers and try to get discovered. They all want to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, who all came from ‘American Idol.’ These such artists include Frank Sinatra, Arethra Franklin, and that guy from Smash Mouth.

Every struggling singer in America plans to attend the next and final season of ‘American Idol.’ The 15th season will be an extended one, which means these artists will be able to give it one more shot to make their dreams come true. After that, who knows how singers will make it.