Foxborough, Massachusetts – If you’re a New Englander or from New England, your Facebook news feed is nothing but Tom Brady right now. And it’s understandably so. Brady has been suspended for four games and the Patriots have been fined for $1 million dollars for the deflated balls used in Super Bowl XLIX between the New England team and the Seattle Seahawks.

Deflate gate has been going on since pretty much right after the Super Bowl and it took all the way until the start of the new season to come up with a verdict. Football commissioner, Roger Gordell, came to the decision earlier today. Although Brady will be missing the first four games of the season, he is excited that he’ll get to spend a little more time with his super model wife,¬†Gisele B√ľndchen.

Since Brady won’t really be present at the games or the practices leading up to them, he now has a lot of time on his hands. He’ll have the chance to watch himself in two huge summer blockbusters, HBO’s ‘Entourage’ and Seth MacFarland’s ‘Ted 2,’ and he’ll also have the chance to make sweet, sweet love to his Brazilian supermodel wife. Brady said he is looking forward to the break and he can’t wait to have, “Like tons of wicked good sex with my wife.”