A lot of people feared that Jurassic World might be a failure because Chris Pratt was the star of it. The Minnesota native has been known as a comedic actor for the past decade, appearing in such comedies as Take Me Home Tonight, The Lego Movie, and as the lovable, but dimwitted Andy Dwyer in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The actor has proved himself as an action star over the last few years, however, most notably as Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. People might also doubt the film, because of how much Hollywood relies on sequels and reboots, but the film is a great one that stands out on it’s own.

The film takes place a little over two decades after the other films, where Jurassic Park, now named Jurassic World, is a giant theme park opened to tourists from all over the world. Over 20,000 people visit the park weekly to see dinosaurs, both on land and in the water, roam around somewhat natural habitat. People have the option of watching a gigantic sea dinosaur feed on sharks, travel through grassy hills to watch herbivores feed on trees as tall as they are, and enjoy food and drinks in the dino-themed restaurants. The difference this time around, is that the T-Rex and raptors have started to bore visitors and the engineers at the park have created a new dinosaur: the Indominus Rex.

To not give too much away, old habits are back as the new, colossal dinosaur gets loose and reeks havoc on the guests and employees of the park. That’s not the only throwback to the original, as the film follows two siblings who stray away from touristy spots of the island and end up on going on an adventure to stay alive.

One of the parts that really stuck out about the film is the direct references to the original. New Girls’ Jake Johnson plays one of the control room operators in the film. He pretty much plays the exact same role as Samuel L. Jackson in the original. In Jurassic World, his character wears a Jurassic Park t-shirt. The character claims he spent a good amount of money on it on eBay. In the fourth film in the franchise, the characters are trying to forget about the horrible things that happened in the original park, so the t-shirt comes off as an insult to most people. Tron: Legacy also had a similar throwback. In the film, Sam’s bedroom was decorated with Tron posters and memorabilia; ones that represent the same posters and products for the original that came out decades before.

The film has plenty of other throwbacks, but I’ll leave those for you to see when you go see the film. Also, why haven’t you seen the film yet? And that brings me to my next point: go see it in 3D.

A lot of people claim that 3D movies have made them dizzy or that the amount of 3D movies takes the fun out of it. Ever since Avatar came out, 3D has changed for the best. Things no longer jump out at you here and there. Instead, the foreground of the movie stays in 3D the whole time and the background stays in 2D. This makes it so you feel like you’re in the scene the whole time. When you go see this in 3D, take off your glasses and look at the screen. You’ll see how it works.

Anyway, the movie is packed with hilarity, action, and references to the earlier films. You won’t really see any cameos of characters you want to see, as the film has tried its hardest to stuck out on its on. Not only that, but Colin Trevorrow, the director behind Jurassic World, will not be returning for the next one. The people behind the blockbuster want a new take on each movie. Even Trevorrow is alright with that as he wants to watch the franchise continue to succeed. Trevorrow will, however, still be somewhere behind the scenes working on the next film.

The film opened up to $514 million worldwide. It has already surpassed The Avengers, and takes the number one spot of the best global opening in the history of film. Go see it.