Middleton, PA – There aren’t many people who live to be 100 years old. And there are even less people out there who live to be older than that. A lot of the people who live to be a centenarian credit it to different things like eating healthy, exercising, some even credit it to drinking lots of alcohol.  For Edna Robertson, a retired military secretary who lives just outside of Harisburg, she credits her longevity to celebrating her 85th birthday.

Robertson turned 100 in March, but has seem to let her age slip away from her. Born in 1915, the Seattle native has lived a long life. She still takes walks everyday, has a poodle named Fluffy she plays with, and Robertson even attends he grandchildren’s sporting events. Although she still has a lot more energy than being even twenty years her junior, it is her mind that is slipping away.

When asked what it is that has kept Robertson alive and well, she responded, “Waiting to turn 85.” Her family, friends, and everyone else that she interacts with entertains the thought and nobody has really had the heart to tell her that she is much older than she is. Her son, Sam, also told us that she has thought this for the last ten years and they are now just going with it.