Home Entertainment Jon Stewart Leaves The Daily Show to Become Fox News Anchor

Jon Stewart Leaves The Daily Show to Become Fox News Anchor

Jon Stewart Leaves The Daily Show to Become Fox News Anchor


New York, New York – Last night marked the final episode for host Jon Stewart. The New York native has been hosting The Daily Show the past 16 years on Comedy Central, but like all good things, the show had to come to an end. Stewart started off as a comic and an actor, most notably for films like Big Daddy and Half Baked. In 1999, Stewart began his hosting position on the satirical news program, The Daily Show. The late-night talk show went on to win 18 Emmys and started careers for celebrities such as Olivia Munn and Steve Carell.

Stewart made his final appearance one to remember. It was funny, sad, enlightening, and so much more. He managed to get a few more stabs in to the people he made fun of most, he left some advice for his gigantic fan base, and he even went off script with his protege, Stephen Colbert. However, it was Stewart’s last thing he said that through the audience off: That he would be joining Fox as a head news anchor.

For anyone who knows anything about The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, or even Comedy Central, you would think this is a joke. And in a way, it is a joke. Stewart has been making fun of Fox for almost two decades to hype it up and prepare his viewers for his new job.

Stewart signed a deal with Fox shortly after he signed one with Comedy Central. The deal pretty much enforced him to mention Fox as much as possible to get people to watch the network. Whether they were watching it to poke fun or not, the ratings and viewership for Fox have risen 300% since the mid 90s.

Stewart is taking a few months off to relax, but will be starting his new job in November.