Houston, TX – NASA has made quite the discovery. On Friday, the government agency announced that they would be releasing news on a huge discovery that following Monday. Space-enthusiasts and believers in aliens felt like the weekend took forever to pass by. It was the one weekend that these people hoped the weekend would go by fast so they could learn of the great discovery made on the fourth planet from the Sun. While most people were expecting to find some information on livable substances on the Red Planet, the news couldn’t have been more opposite. This morning, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that they found 2Pac alive and well, posted up on Mars.

On September 13th, 1996, Tupac Amur Shakur was shot and killed outside of a boxing event in Las Vegas. The west coast rapper had beef with east coast rapper Notorious B.I.G. and their feud lead to both of their deaths. The world lost one of the greatest rappers on that September day. There have many people out there who thought that the “California Love” singer was in fact still alive, because he came out with more music and movies after his death. These people were right.

With only a few hours passing since the announcement, it’s still hard to believe that the rapper is alive and well. Also, that he is living on Mars. “I was really hoping for some news about aliens,” Stefan Gartner, a recruiter in Denver, told us shortly after finding out the news. “It’s still pretty cool, though. The whole hologram thing is starting to make more sense now. Or less sense. I don’t know, maybe he beamed down here for that Coachella show.”

The rover that made the discovery will be trying to get in contact with Shakur sometime this week. Pacs agent, who admitted that he knew about this the whole time, said that Pac will be doing a tour sometime in early 2016, after he returns to the planet and catches up with some friends and family for a little while. NASA researcher, Sam Jones, jokingly said the company may just find Biggie on Jupiter one day.