Acoustic Guitar

Redwood City, CA – Last night was a very big night for singer-songwriter Neil Young. The sixty-nine year old Canadian musician has been going through puberty since his early teenage years. In his early 20s, the political artist played guitar and contributed to vocals in Buffalo Springfield. After the band’s break up, Young went solo and started performing under his own name. Throughout his whole entire career, Neil Young has been going through puberty. But somehow, everyone still listened to his music and loved it. In his Broken Arrow Ranch home, named after one of his albums and tours, Neil Young finally hit puberty last night.

“This is such a big day for me” Young told us in an interview last night. “I’ve always been so self-concious of my voice. When I was 13, my voice started cracking. Here I am now, 56 years later and it was still cracking. With a birthday coming up in less than a month, the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young member wanted nothing more for his 70th birthday, and his dream came true.

Young and his band, The Promise Deal, just released a new album and tour. The Monsanto Years is the thirty-six album by the musician, and him and his band are touring it until the end of the month. While he promises to use his cracking voice for the end of the tour, which he said he is already trying to perfect, his next tour will include his brand new voice.