Home Entertainment Rosie O’Donnell Credits Weight Loss to Strict Koosh Ball Diet

Rosie O’Donnell Credits Weight Loss to Strict Koosh Ball Diet

Rosie O’Donnell Credits Weight Loss to Strict Koosh Ball Diet

Hollywood, CA – Dieting in Hollywood has always been a tricky craze. While some celebrities tend to lose weight, they don’t often do it in a very wholesome and proper way. Tape worms and a strict baby food regime are some of the more strange trends that actors and actresses have taken on. As strange as these may sound, they don’t come close to the diet that Rosie O’Donnell has used over the past year to lose over 100 pounds.

The actress, comedian, and former talk show host has spent the last few years mostly out the spotlight. The New York native has been spending her time focusing on family and she has also been focusing on health. O’Donnell has lost and extreme amount of weight over the last year and recently took to The View to discuss her regime.

Though the fifty-three-year old is no longer one of the hosts of ABC’s morning talk-show, she made a return to the show to detail how she has found her way back to a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t exercise, or diet, or anything like that. O’Donnell has been living off of a strict diet of Koosh balls.

O’Donnell helped make these toys popular when she used them on her own talk show in the early 90s. “Every since I helped make that ball what it became, I was given a lifetime supply of them,” O’Donnell told us. “In the second season of my show, I was sitting around during a rehearsal and decided to eat one. The texture was strange, but the rest of it was delicious.” O’Donnell snacked on them here and there, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she asked her doctor if they would be okay to eat full-time. The doctor was fully on-board and told her that the product was actually full of nutrients, vitamins, and all the of the other necessities people need everyday.

O’Donnell said she plans on continuing to eat them here and there, but she wants to start bringing normal foods back into her life again.