Beverly Hills, CA – A very surprising announcement from Playboy just hit the ears of teenage boys and elderly men all over the country. The men’s magazine, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, has been entertaining boys and men for over 62 years now. Although the magazine does contain articles and other non-nude features, it is the nudity that pulls in the gigantic audience that the company has. Celebrities such as Shannen Doherty, Naomi Campbell, and Kim Basinger are some of the many names of women who have showcased their bodies for the magazine over the past half century, but after next month, there will be no more.

The magazine will still feature scandalous photographs of desirable, yet unattainable woman, but there will be no body parts shown other then the ones you see at a beach. The move was decided from a conversation one of the magazine’s top editors had with Hefner. They discussed how the magazine just isn’t where it used to be. Up until around 10 or 15 years ago, the magazine was a prized artifact for young boys to see things they weren’t older enough to see. It was also a great item for older men to escape their wives and indulge into a world where they could see other women baring it all.

Hefner promises to keep having releasing issues with nudity until early next year. February of 2016 should see the last model on the front page and centerfold of the magazine. The Playboy Twitter page announced today that Hilary Clinton will be the last woman featured in the magazine in the nude. Clinton said she thinks this will really help her win over the male vote in the next election. The presidential candidate thinks she has won over the female voting population of the United States, but she really wants to win over the male voters now.

“It’s a bold move,” Clinton told us. “But the nice thing is that if I don’t win the election, then I’ll have a nice start to my modeling career. Also, I’ll finally be able to get all of the payback I’ve always wanted to get on Bill.”