Boston, MA – It’s the day before Thanksgiving, which means people are preparing heavily for two things. The first thing people are getting ready for is to see all of their old high school¬†acquaintances at the bar downtown later that night. There’s no real point in this event occurring anymore thanks to Facebook, but it’s a night to pretend you don’t know what people are up to and pretend to be interested in what has happened in their life since last year. The second thing people are getting ready for is the annual Thanksgiving dinner argument that will go on between the three generations of family, sitting at one table, trying to enjoy a home cooked meal. Topics of debate usually include things like religion, politics, and racism. This year, advertising executive Mark Hampton is preparing for Syrian refugee debate with his offensive grandfather.

The topic of debate isn’t a definite with so many other things going on in our world, but Hampton believe this is exactly what will be talked about as it has been all over the news, media, and Facebook walls over the past few weeks. Hampton has been pretty knowledgeable on the topic lately, but has been reading as much as he can the last few days so he can really put his grandfather in his place.

The New York native has spent the last few days at his dining room table, jotting down different facts to change his grandfather’s opinion. “I’m even missing out on tonight’s festivities for this,” Hampton told us. “I’ve never actually won a debate against Grandpa Chuck, but this year, I have a good feeling.” Hampton went on to tell us that his grandfather only has a few more Thanksgivings left, and if Chuck doesn’t give in one of these years, he is going to have his grandfather buried in a terrible plot of land he has picked out in New Jersey.