Denver, CO РGuitar Hero came out in 2005, and even over a decade later, the game is still just as popular as ever. Over the years, the Activision game has been released on numerous platforms, has gotten the rights to songs by legendary bands like The Beatles and Aerosmith, and can now be found in most arcades. Like a lot of other video games, the Guitar Hero game has changed the lives of some people out there. Prodigies of the series have traveled the world to play in competitions, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. For the millions of other people who have played Guitar Hero, they have just wasted their lives pressing four colorful buttons pretending they know how to play the guitar. Just imagine where these people could be if they spent their time taking on a different hobby, such as learning to play a real guitar.

Michael Springsteen, a soccer coach in Chicago, is now looking back on the last decade wondering where time went. “From the moment that game came out, I played for hours everyday. Sometimes I wound up going to the hospital because I forgot to eat or drink anything for days. I flunked out of college and lost a whole lot of jobs. I even lost out on some relationships that could’ve been something great.”

The Dorchester native said he should’ve been learning how to play the real guitar and made he could’ve been somebody by now. Either that or he would’ve met a few women by now, which would’ve also been nice.