Home Entertainment Oprah Checks Into Rehab; Addicted to Bread

Oprah Checks Into Rehab; Addicted to Bread

Oprah Checks Into Rehab; Addicted to Bread


Hollywood, CA – If you’ve watched anything on Hulu over the last few weeks, then you’ve definitely seen Oprah’s new commercial. The Mississippi native has been the spokesperson for Weight Watchers for years now, but none of her commercials have been as in-your-face and annoying as the new one.

The billionaire let’s viewers of Hulu programs know that her diet has been going quite well and she has been able to eat bread every day. A lot of people fear diets because they don’t want to have to cut out some of their favorite things. Oprah wants to now let everyone know that people can

One of the biggest parts of dieting is portion control. Fruits and vegetables can be good for you, but if you eat too many, you will gain weight and throw off the healthy part of eating these foods. You can also eat things like candy, cereal, and bread, but too many of any of these in your daily routine will not be good for you. Oprah ended up eating too much bread and has now checked herself into rehab.

The talk show host checked her into Passages Malibu last night and plans on staying there until she can cut bread out of her life once again. Winfrey admitted that she was up to eating 8 bagels, 12 pieces of toast, and 15 sandwiches everyday. As she would be eating these carbs, she would see her commercial and she realized that she was lying to the world and to herself.