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Madonna Finally Puts on Pants

Madonna Finally Puts on Pants


Hollywood, CA – Even at the age of 57, Madonna is still incredibly sexy. The Michigan native has been in the spotlight now for almost 30 years, but her beauty seems to have only gotten stronger with time. You can see Madonna flaunting some of the same outfits an dance moves from when she first started in the late 70s. And, while aging usually ruins a body slowly over time, Madonna seems just as fit and sexy as ever. But all of this doesn’t mean she can keep walking around without pants on.

On the brink of 60, the singer has decided that she can’t keep walking around wearing thongs. It wasn’t initially her idea, however. Her children, who have mostly loved the experience of being raised by a celebrity, haven’t been able to cope with the amount of their mother’s skin they have to see. Whether it’s on billboards, television, or in magazines, their mother’s half-naked body is everywhere. Her children were sick of seeing it and being made fun of by their classmates, so they bought Madonna a new pair of jeans.

This is the first pair of pants that Madonna has owned or worn since her late teens. “I don’t like pants,” Madonna told us recently. “They’re uncomfortable and constricting and I just want to wear a thong around. However, my children have opened my eyes and I knew that it was time to finally put on pants again.