We have some funny Facebook friends. Some of them who post things that we have to show as many people as we can. So we decided to start posting our favorite Facebook posts every week.

This post comes from a very funny comedian named Josh Day. He tells jokes all over New England and even runs a couple of rooms. He decided to parody a pregnancy picture and he did it well.

Here’s a closer look at this beautiful picture that celebrates the life of the beer gut. Last I checked, the picture only had like 170 likes, and I know that Josh has a lot more Facebook friends than that. Now go follow Josh on his social networking sites and go to one of his shows soon.


Things like Time Share and Facebook Memories can be a good thing. They allow you to see what you were doing on this same day last year, the year before that, and even more. Most of the time these are happy memories, ones that make you feel nostalgic and remember a fun event that happened. Other times, you are reminded of something that happened that you would like to forget. Here’s what instance:

Our friend Paul Landwehr, who is also a stand-up comedian, is planning a trip to Amsterdam soon. He hasn’t flown in 15 years and has a fear of flying. However, nothing comes close to his fear of the film Leprechaun 4: In Space. We’re not sure if he’s afraid of the film or the fact that Hollywood allowed a third sequel in the Leprechaun franchise, either way it’s a great post.